The God Cells:
A Fetal Stem Cell Journey

A documentary series exploring the most disruptive and exciting field of regenerative medicine. 
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2019 Updates:

A sequel is in production!

Eric Merola returns to EmCell in Kiev, Ukraine in September, 2019 to continue production. 

Director Eric Merola will be at EmCell in November, 2019.

The upcoming sequel to The God Cells will partially focus on male infertility, as some men who have failed all fertility treatments can now be cured of infertility. The sequel will also document new patients seeking fetal stem cell therapy for anti-aging and regenerative purposes and those suffering from a variety of neurological and immunological ailments.

This story will continue to explore the ubiquitous market and regulatory roadblocks preventing this therapy from becoming available in the rest of the world. At present, Fetal Stem Cell therapy is exclusively legal and regulated in Kiev, Ukraine, with EmCell leading the way as the world’s pioneers in the field.

Eric’s next scheduled trip: November 11-13, 2019


FSC treatments received by the director
Documentarian and patient

Director Eric Merola has received fetal stem cell treatment 4 times in 4 years since starting this documentary series. Yeah, he feels amazing.

Seeking infertile males 

For the upcoming sequel, Eric is seeking males who wish to conceive that have failed all fertility treatments. If you fit the bill, please get in touch.

Looking to go to EmCell?

Given his frequent visits, Eric’s happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction if the movie inspired you to go. Contact Eric.

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The God Cells: A Fetal Stem Cell Journey is a documentary series directed and produced by Eric Merola. This is an independent work of investigative journalism, independently financed by Merola Productions, LLC and not affiliated with any outside company or institution.