Open Call for Americans Living with Type II Diabetes

A message from The God Cells director, Eric Merola
I have chosen Type II Diabetes as the subject of the sequel to my 4th documentary, The God Cells.
A staggering portion of the USA population has Type II Diabetes and is the 7th leading cause of death in the USA.
With tens of millions of people in the United States living with type II diabetes, and more than 100 million with prediabetes (borderline diabetes), I feel it is a relevant disease to cover for my sequel to The God Cells
After much discussion with EmCell to accomplish this goal, we have devised a way to allow EmCell’s fetal stem cell therapy to be offered for free for a limited number of people who qualify: as long as the patient falls within certain parameters set by EmCell, and agrees to allow me to film and document their journey before, during, and after therapy.
I plan to follow, film, and document at least 4 to 6 people living with type II diabetes after fetal stem cell therapy.
Duration of the documentary project: 
One year: filming process would include the 3 days spent undergoing treatment at EmCell in Kiev, Ukraine and periodic follow up filming and documentation during the following 9-12 months post-treatment, at their place of residence.
To present each patient’s comprehensive approach treating Diabetes Type II through filming these patients through their treatment journey in order to document and show the positive changes that EmCells’s treatment can provide in potentially controlling the disease and helping to prevent further complications.

Criteria that
disqualifies for free treatment and participation in the documentary:
– Decompensated diabetes mellitus (glycated hemoglobin over 7.5%)
– Chronic kidney disease IV – V stage. Diabetic glomerulosclerosis (diabetic nephropathy) (according to Moginson IV – V stage) (glomerular filtration ≤30 ml / min / 1.73 m2)
– Decompressed cardiovascular pathology (PV ≤ 40%, NT-proBNP> 600 pg / ml)
– Diabetic angiopathy with a diabetic foot and gangrene (Rö- compromised part of the body)
– Diabetic ketoacidosis (hyperketonemia, ketonuria and metabolic acidosis)
– Diabetic lactic acidosis – (increased concentration of lactate in the blood)
– Retinopathy: III – IV stage.
– Currently living with active cancer.
Expected treatment results:
– Carbohydrate metabolism stabilization resulting in blood sugar level stabilization and gradual decrease of HbA1C
– Possible gradual decrease of hypoglycemic medications as long as patients are following the recommended diet post-treatment: exclude carbohydrates and limit animal fat
– Inhibition and prevention of diabetes complications (nephropathy and chronic kidney failure, angiopathy of the large and small vessels (heart, brain, extremities, etc.)

What to submit to EmCell in order to be considered:
Completion of EmCell’s medical forms, instrumental, clinical and laboratory findings (including complete blood count, blood chemistry, glycated hemoglobin), and records of past treatment history.

What to expect while undergoing fetal stem cell treatment for Type II Diabetes:
While the portion of the original documentary “The God Cells” that shows me getting the therapy is very similar to what you will experience [Watch this section, “The EmCell Experience” below], this is the basic schedule of the therapy:

Full baseline testing performed when you arrive at EmCell:
– Blood test results (complete blood count, biochemistry, HbA1C, HOMA index, TTG, T3, T4).
– Urine analysis
– Ultrasound examination of the abdominal part, pelvic organs, thyroid gland, ECG
– Other laboratory tests if required (based on provided results)

3-day treatment schedule:
Day 1
– Blood/urine tests (on an empty stomach, post-fasting for 10 hours)
– Ultra-sound examination
– Examination by EmCell doctors
– Breakfast
– Additional examinations if necessary
– Medication treatment + detox treatment
– Fetal Stem Cell Treatment (IV infusions and subcutaneous injections of fetal stem cells)
– Massage (if no contraindications)
– Physiotherapy
– Oxygen therapy
Day 2
– Examination by EmCell doctors
– Medication treatment
– Massage (if no contraindications)
– Physiotherapy (if no contraindications)
– Fetal Stem Cell Treatment (IV infusions of fetal stem cells)
– Oxygen therapy
Day 3
– Examination of endocrinologist with the correction of medication treatment, in case necessary • Examination by EmCell doctors
– Medication treatment • Massage (if no contraindications)
– Physiotherapy (if no contraindications)
– Oxygen therapy
– Fetal Stem Cell Treatment (IV infusions and subcutaneous injections of fetal stem cells)
– Short rest
– Post-treatment session with the doctors
If you are interested in participating in this documentary project, contact EmCell directly (, or me, Eric Merola (
I would like to schedule these patients for therapy at EmCell in the Spring months of 2020 (April and May, 2020). Airfare and hotel will not be provided, but I can advise on the most economical options for your journey and set you up in the same hotel as me and the others on this journey.

Contact Eric Merola directly to learn more:

The God Cells: A Fetal Stem Cell Journey is a documentary series directed and produced by Eric Merola. This is an independent work of investigative journalism, independently financed by Merola Productions, LLC and not affiliated with any outside company or institution.